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Set: Monarch Sealed
Release Date: 2021-05-07
PLAY GREAT GAMES Illusionist • Warrior • Runeblade • Brute

Embody order and wisdom as an arbiter of Light, or embrace the Shadows in your pursuit of power.

This Flesh and Blood: Monarch Blitz Deck Display contains two of each Flesh and Blood: Monarch Blitz Deck :

LIGHT WARRIOR (Boltyn) Charge! Take your place at the head of the vanguard, and let your valiant soul light the way for those who follow.

LIGHT ILLUSIONIST (Prism) Scholar of Light, conjure the mighty Heralds of Sol to strike down the enemy and illuminate the land of Rathe.

SHADOW BRUTE (Levia) Devour everything to unleash your inner Shadow, as you wrestle to control the all consuming power.

SHADOW RUNEBLADE (Chane) Do not fear pain, disciple; for the Shadow arts of Arcana give in abundance more than they take.

Flesh and Blood: Monarch Blitz Decks are Pre-constructed, ready-to-play decks featuring the young heroes Prism, Boltyn, Levia, and Chane. Each deck includes hero, weapon, equipment, and 40 playable cards. Rule book available at

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